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About Us
Our Mission
Our Golden Rules
Our Technology

Avanti Way Realty is a premier real estate company that services the South Florida Market and specializes in brokerage services. We are members of the Board of Realtors and Equal Housing Opportunity, and work with a broker who boasts over 20 years of experience and who transacted more than 6,000 deals.

Through our lending arm and property management division, we are able to provide our customers with competitive financing alternatives and with convenient solutions for administering their real estate investments. We currently manage in excess of 300 properties in Florida for more than 200 local and international investors.

At Avanti Way, we recognize that our success is directly attributed to the quality and personalized nature of our work. We therefore select only the finest real estate agents to join our team of knowledgeable, resourceful, and reliable realtors, and are committed to representing our customer's real estate interests with the highest levels of professionalism and responsibility.

With our innovative virtual office platform and online business transaction tools, our company has differentiated itself in this competitive market by enhancing the way the real estate market is served and optimizing the way real estate agents manage their daily business.

Avanti Way delivers timely and transparent solutions to our customers and affiliates, and is bringing an industry characterized by inefficient and archaic administrative processes into the 21st century through the use of proprietary web based technologies.
Mission Statement

To revolutionize the way the real estate market is served, and provide a superior level of service through the use of technology and cutting edge business solutions which keep customers in control of their transactions and agents organized, in compliance, and out of the office.

Our passion is to provide reliable and personalized solutions to our customer's real estate needs, while building lasting relationships founded on trust and professionalism. We are successful because we believe in our passion.
Success Factors

At Avanti Way Realty, we firmly believe that our successful business operation and reputation depends on our ability to consistently deliver knowledge, service, and trust to customers, partners, and affiliates. Buying or selling a home requires careful analysis and insightful guidance. We therefore ensure that the needed time and resources are invested so that our team is:
  • Equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and support systems needed to advise.
  • Endowed with seamless transaction management and business solutions that enable them to provide flawless and personalized service.
  • Dedicated to earning and preserving the trust of their customers by adhering to our principles of fair dealing and ethical conduct.
Service: Our customers' best interest is our first priority. Identify and position ideas to satisfy their needs, interests, and concerns.
Integrity: Refrain from any illegal, dishonest, or unethical conduct. Treat peers, clients, and affiliates with care, consideration, and respect.
Compliance: Adhere to Company operating procedures and conduct business within all legal boundaries, timeframes, and regulations. If in doubt, seek support immediately.
Responsibility: Take appropriate action to document and provide all supporting information in connection with your deals transacted through the virtual system.
Image: We are all ambassadors of the Avanti Way Realty brand and must therefore conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest standards of quality, integrity, service, and professionalism.
Competence: Maximize personal productivity and effectiveness utilizing the technologies and marketing resources available, and focus your efforts towards value generating activities.
Community: Be proactive in searching for talent and identifying new members that have the competencies and capabilities needed to add value to our community network and help obtain company goals.
Teamwork: Actively help team members by sharing knowledge, insight, and expertise in the same manner in which you would like to be helped. Expect the same from your peers.
Initiative: Provide frequent and constructive feedback which can be utilized to generate ideas, plan initiatives, and develop tools that will contribute positively to our member lifestyle and facilitate work related functions.
Growth: Invest in your professional development by participating in all training related activities to ensure your functional and professional skills are continually upgraded and utilized to exceed your customer's expectations.
Benefit from Innovation and Technology
"timely and transparent solutions tailored to our customers and affiliates"

  • Cutting edge approach to the way real estate transactions are brokered leveraging proprietary web based technologies
  • Innovative model for managing and processing transactions via the Internet
  • On demand access to contracts and other documents relevant to your transaction
  • On demand business solutions that facilitate the communication and the exchange of vital information between parties involved in a transaction
Stay In Control of Your Transaction
"feel comfortable throughout the process of selling your home"

  • Enjoy on demand access to your transaction
  • Track the progress of your listing
  • Schedule and review the results of each showing
  • Have direct access to your agent through your personal messaging center
Access your Documents with a Click of a Button
"added value services that give you convenience and peace of mind"

  • Free online storage of all relevant documents pertaining to your transaction for 5 years
  • Any time access to all of your contracts, disclosures, and other important records
Avanti Way's proprietary platform that is revolutionizing
the way real estate agents work creating a seamless customer experience